High-Speed Disperser

The Schold High-Speed Disperser is a staple in the mixing and dispersing industry. Whether you are looking to disperse powders into a liquid or blend solvents together, the VHS is the solution. For a low-speed blending option, check out the VLS Low-Speed Mixer.

  • Customizable to your exact specifications
  • Ideal for dispersions up to 50,000 cP, 1,000,000+ cP possible with a multi-shaft design
  • Robust design provides extreme stability at high speeds for tough batching production
  • Stainless or carbon steel shaft is precision-balanced and control-tuned
  • Engineered for safety with double-handed lift actuation, shaft guards, safety switches, and more
  • Need it quick? The VHS High-Speed Disperser is available with a Quick Ship option!