Lab Bead Mill

Sample Size Range: 25 mL – 10 L

Self-contained laboratory bead mill for wet milling, fine grinding and dispersing of fluid-type dispersions by EMI Mills. Ideal for product research, quality control of raw materials, and scaling to production. This lab bead mill uses grinding media to develop the high shear and impact forces required to reduce agglomerates or finite particles. For large scale milling, check out the Horizontal Mill or Immersion Mill.

  • Capable of producing sub-micron particles
  • Includes built-in pump and pre-disperser as required
  • Single pass or re-circulation milling
  • General purpose, explosion proof and intrinsically safe electrical controls
  • PLC diagnostic controls available for operating, monitoring process variables, and data collection
  • Quick release latches allow easy removal of components
  • Customizable to meet application/processing requirements