Mixers & Dispersers

Multi-shaft mixers and dispersers tackle the toughest applications with high and low-speed technology, combining several machines into one. Don’t need a multi-shaft mixer design? Check out the VHS High-Speed Disperser for high-shear dispersing or the VLS Low-Speed Mixer for agitation and blending.

  • Designed for products with very high viscosities and poor flow characteristics
  • Combines low-speed agitation with high-speed dispersion
  • Engineered to move difficult products into the “work zone” for efficient processing
  • Multi-shaft mixers provide customized options to fit your application

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Co-Axial Mixing Blade

Co-Axial Mixer

  • Integrates both high-shear and low-speed blade rotating on the same axis
  • Low-speed agitator circulates product into the high-shear work zone
  • Dual configuration is ideal for high viscosity products

Twin-Shaft Mixing Blade

Twin-Shaft Mixer

  • High-speed disperser and/or rotor stator is offset from a low-speed anchor agitator or sweep blade
  • Designed for moderate to high viscosity formulations
  • Allows for multiple high-speed blade configurations

Triple-Shaft Mixing Blade

Triple-Shaft Mixer

  • High-speed disperser and/or rotor stator along with a low-speed agitator
  • Purée large solids at the start of a cycle and eliminate lumps
  • Lifting screw may be incorporated to help suspend agglomerates in finished batch