Schold Rotor Stator Blade

ROTOR STATOR | Dispersers & Mixers

Our Variable-Speed Rotor Stator was designed for high-speed dispersing, mixing, size reduction and deagglomerating at significant process savings. Requiring liquid in the batch at all times, the rotor stator creates mechanical shear by continuously drawing product components into the rotor and expelling them radially through the precision milled openings in the stator. The rotor stator improves the high-speed dispersion of paints, resins, inks, coatings, adhesives and more.


HOW IT WORKS | A rotor turns within a slotted stator at very high speeds, allowing it to act as a centrifugal pump. This centrifugal force draws product down into into the rotor and pumps it out against the slots of the stator. This radial velocity and following impact causes the product  to break down against the slots and surfaces of the stator, ultimately shearing the particles. The product is then cycled back into the shearing process repeatedly through the continued rotation of the rotor to achieve maximum dispersion.


THE DIFFERENCE | The ultra-shear design acheives dispersion at a much faster rate, enabling greater process efficiency. Compared to a standard high-shear blade, a rotor stator setup can save up to 90% of production time. Depending on the product, it can also eliminate the need for additional processes such as grinding, milling or additional mixing. This allows for savings on additional machinery and time in extra cleanup.


EFFICIENT RESULTS | The Schold Rotor Stator allows you to disperse, emulsify, homogenize, dissolve, mill, mix and blend. Reduce even the toughest  agglomerates in size, blend them with liquid additives and wet them out, to create a consistent and stable dispersion result.