Media Mills / Bead Mills


Media mills (or bead mills) grind and/or disperse particles down to micro and nano sizes. Media/bead mills are used for processing various applications including paints, inks, coatings, dyestuffs, adhesives, foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and more. Find lab/pilot mills for small-scale production, horizontal and vertical mills for large-scale production, and immersion mills (or basket mills) for a versatile post-mounted option. All units are engineered and manufactured in-house to ensure premier quality and ability to customize features based on your application and set-up.

Schold mills can be used as stand-alone units, integrated with a pre-mix/pre-dispersion process, or installed in series with different grinding media sizes for multi-pass and sub-micron, high-production applications. Questions? Quote request? Ask us about your product and we will guide you to the optimal solution, whether it be a Schold mill or something else. We can assist with media/bead mill selection for maximum performance and longevity.