Schold Co Axial Machine

MULTI-SHAFT | Dispersers & Mixers

Schold Multi-Shaft Dispersers tackle the toughest applications with low and high-speed technology to create several machines combined into one. Our dual and triple shaft designs are engineered for products with very high viscosities, as well as poor-flow  characteristics. By combining low-speed agitation with high-speed dispersion, these units are virtually several machines in one. Using the high and low-speed functions, the multi-shaft dispersers have the ability to move difficult products into the “work zone” for efficient processing of even your toughest materials.


CO-AXIAL | The Schold Co-Axial Disperser integrates both a high-shear and low-speed blade combination rotating on the same axis, with the low-speed agitator circulating product into the high-shear work zone. This dual configuration is ideal for higher viscosity products.


TWIN SHAFT | Designed for moderate to high viscosity formulations, the Twin Shaft has the high-speed disperser and/or rotor  stator offset from the low-speed anchor agitator or sweep blade. This design also allows for multiple high-speed blade configurations.


TRIPLE SHAFT | Along with a low-speed agitator, this configuration includes both a disperser and/or rotor stator to purée large  solids at the start of a cycle and eliminate lumps. A lifting screw may also be incorporated to help suspend agglomerates in the  finished batch.