Schold Inline Disperser with Powder Entry System
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From speeding up processes to reducing power usage, here are 11 incredible ways an inline disperser (ILD) can improve your manufacturing process:



Speeds Up Processing

Standard dispersion equipment (high-speed, high-shear batch machines) take less time when an inline disperser is added to the process. The inline unit’s rotor-stator concept provides more shear force than a high-speed dispersion unit, allowing faster processing times.


Eliminates Additional Equipment

An inline disperser can eliminate extra processing steps like sifting powders, filtering out clumps, and milling – making that equipment obsolete. In some cases, an inline disperser can completely replace traditional dispersion equipment.


Simplifies Material Handling & Minimizes Waste

You can expect less wasted raw materials because of the smaller surface area of the equipment in contact with your product. All ingredients will incorporate due to the mode of the processing itself.


Provides Greater Consistency & Repeatability

The very nature of an inline dispersion operation ensures that your whole batch is guaranteed to contact the work zone through the processing cycle. It can eliminate inconsistencies from batch to batch so that there is no need to worry about uniformity. Less waste and fewer inconsistencies make it easier to ensure repeatability – you will be using every bit of your ingredients and they will all be fully incorporated into the mixture.


Decreases Downstream Downtime

Because the full batch is guaranteed to come into the work zone of the inline disperser, the chance of clogging downstream equipment is extremely low. There is no need to worry about lumps of undispersed powder or solids. The inline disperser takes care of that.


Reduces Power Usage

The rotor-stator design of the inline allows for lower peripheral speed (around 3500 FPM instead of 5500-6000 FPM) and a compact work zone design, necessitating a less powerful motor. This can return utility savings year over year.


Decreases Footprint

Inline dispersers are typically smaller than conventional dispersion equipment. This type of mixing equipment can spatially fit into your current process and as close to your tanks as possible. They are typically low profile and the section that houses the rotor-stator itself is often smaller than the motor that powers it.


Improves Ease of Cleaning

Inline dispersers are elegantly simplistic and easy to clean after each batch. Just recirculate water, solvent, or detergent rinse through the unit and it should be ready for the next batch. For thicker, more stubborn products, easily disassemble the unit to wipe clean. Most units feature interchangeability for the stator and even rotor part of the machine. This makes it easy for you to replace the soiled piece for a clean one without necessitating any downtime. CIP centric designs are also available on most units.


Adds Versatility

The inline disperser can be an asset for many different processes. It is an expert at incorporating powder into a fluid mixture. No more watching a hydrophobic solid or powder swirl around on the top of a batch  (no “fish eyes” to worry about). Outfit inline dispersers with a powder introduction port to draw in solids or powder to forcibly homogenize the mixture. The addition of powders and solids is no longer something to dread. In addition to efficiently incorporating powders, the inline disperser is an expert emulsifier. And this type of equipment is not only versatile in terms of processing, but they are also compact and usually portable, ensuring that adding them to other processes is no big deal. Simply roll (or lift) over, hook it up, and start the unit.


Improves Ease of Use

Simply hook up the inlet and outlet of the inline unit to your tank, press start, and adjust the rotor speed. No other controls needed.


Enhances Operator Safety

Inline disperser equipment components are housed fully inside the machine during operation. There is no need to “scrape the shaft” with a spatula, and no other concerns regarding operator injury during operation. An inline disperser eliminates points of danger by housing the entirety of rotation within a housing. Just be sure to find a safe place on the production floor to avoid a trip hazard.




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