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BEFORE and AFTER look at a refurbished high-speed disperser! Worn out machine? Want to improve you manufacturing process without breaking the bank? Refurbishing might be the play. We offer two options to refurbish your industrial disperser, mixer, or media mill:


Rehab Your Machine:

    • Replace bearing
    • Replace belts
    • Replace sheaves
    • Replace other consumables (piston seals, etc.)
    • Straighten or replace shaft(s)
    • Repair or replace blade(s)
    • Install and test any missing safety switches which are missing


Overhaul Your Machine:

Complete teardown, bringing machine to “like new” condition. Includes all of the above, full 1-year warranty, plus:

    • Full sandblast and repaint machine frame
    • Piston polishing
    • Replace hand and foot valves
    • Upgrade control system upon request



For more information on refurbishing and to receive a custom quote:

📞 1-800-4MIXERS