Industrial Mixer | 5 Preventative Maintenance Tips


Preventative maintenance is key to keep your industrial disperser or mixer running like new. Here are a few recommendations to help maximize longevity and efficiency:


1. Clean The Shaft & Blade

    • Product build-up on the shaft can cause imbalance and even bend it in extreme cases
    • A dirty blade will negatively affect shear, which can increase run time and/or quality of product
Preventative Maintenance for industrial mixer

2. Clear Dust From The Motor, Gearbox, & Drive Components

    • This includes belts, pulleys, bearings, etc.
    • Perform regularly to prevent overheating and premature wear
    • Replace if showing signs of fatigue or excessive wear


3. Grease All Fittings

    • Perform on weekly basis or after heavy usage


4. Clean Spatter From The Piston Seal

    • If this is a problem at your plant, Schold can provide a custom guard to protect the piston from splatter


5. Perform A Short Run In Water, Detergent, Or Appropriate Solvent

    • Effective if the machine is to be left idle for a length of time or between successive mixing operations to clean the wetted parts
    • Clean the wetted parts with plant standard cleaning agents provided that they are non-scratching
    • Most sanitizing chemicals, such as those that contain active chlorine, iodine, etc. are corrosive (to some extent) to stainless steel; in these cases 316 Stainless Steel should be specified
    • Avoid spraying or immersing complete machine assembly in water
    • Dismantle machine components for a more thorough cleaning
    • Isolate the machine electrically before it is dismantled for inspection or cleaning


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