Since 1949, Schold has worked with many companies in the adhesives and sealants industry and is a trusted leader in the space. Our high-speed dispersers, multi-shaft mixers, and vacuum drum mixers are widely used for processing a variety of these applications.


Adhesives and sealants are complex formulations that often require precise mixing equipment such as high-speed dispersers, multi-shaft mixers, and vacuum drum mixers for processing. Whether you choose Schold or another partner, selecting the proper equipment is crucial for:
  • Homogenization: Ensuring components are thoroughly mixed to create a homogeneous mixture, which is important for consistent quality and performance of product
  • Degassing: Removing air bubbles during mixing, which improves the overall quality of the final product
  • Dispersion: Ensuring particles are evenly distributed, which is important for consistent product quality
  • Shear Forces: Providing necessary shear forces to achieve the proper mixing and dispersion of components
  • Reaction: Ensuring chemicals are evenly distributed, which is critical for reactions that require precise reaction rates and conditions
  • Consistency Control: Ensuring the product is easy to apply and that it adheres properly
adhesives and sealants industry

Product Applications

Adhesives and sealants are used in a wide range of industries, which require specific properties and performance. Our team of experts has worked with many companies in this space, and our equipment is custom designed to process these applications (along with many others):


Adhesives are versatile materials that are used in many applications to bond different materials together and to provide structural strength, durability, and flexibility.

  • Construction: Bonds various building materials such as wood, metal, and concrete, in applications such as flooring, roofing, and paneling
  • Automotive: Manufacturing and repairing of vehicles to bond parts and seal joints (body panels, windshields, electrical connections)
  • Packaging: Seals and bonds packaging materials (boxes, bags, envelopes)
  • Woodworking: Manufacturing and repairing of furniture, cabinets, and other wooden structures
  • Electronics: Assembly of electronic components (printed circuit boards, display screens, touch screens)
  • Medical Devices: Manufacturing of medical devices, such as wound dressings, catheters, and drug delivery systems
  • Consumer Products: Used in many consumer products, such as tape, labels, and sticky notes
  • Aerospace: Bonds lightweight materials such as composites, plastics, and metals


Sealants are versatile materials that are used to seal and protect surfaces from moisture, air, and other environmental factors, and to provide insulation, durability, and structural strength.

  • Construction: Fills and seals gaps and joints in buildings and structures (between windows and walls, around plumbing and electrical fixtures)
  • Automotive: Seals gaps and joints in automotive structures, such as around windows, doors, and hoods
  • Plumbing: Seals connections and joints in pipes, valves, and fixtures
  • Electrical: Seals and protects connections, junction boxes, and conduit
  • Aerospace: Seals and protects aircraft structures and to prevent air and moisture leaks
  • Marine: Seals and protects boat hulls, decks, and hatches from water and corrosion
  • Industrial: Seals and protects machinery, equipment, and structures
  • DIY and Home Repair: Seals cracks in walls, fixes leaky roofs, and seals around doors and windows

Recommended Processing Equipment

Here are the most common base models/designs used in the adhesives and sealants industry. The Schold team of experts can assist with any questions or customized options specific for your application.

Schold Customer Spotlight

After 70+ years in the business, Schold has accumulated a large, diverse customer base. We have many loyal customers in this industry – ITW Polymers Sealants is a perfect example:

ITW Polymers Sealants

📍 Irving, TX
ITW Polymers Sealants

ITW Polymers is a worldwide manufacturer of sealants, adhesives, coatings, lubrication and cutting fluids for industrial, construction and consumer purposes; chemical fluids which clean or add lubrication to machines; epoxy and resin-based coating products for industrial applications, and hand wipes and cleaners for industrial applications.

“We have a Schold twin-shaft disperser and called for service on a pulley bearing that was deteriorating after years of use. John the VP picked up, diagnosed the issue, immediately sent a tech to restore the part, and the machine is back to running like new. When you need it most, Schold is there for you.”

-Syedzia Rizvi, Maintenance Manager

Schold Customer - ITW Polymers Sealants
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