Long-time customer and industry partner, Kerley Ink is known for its major contributions to the printing trade. The Schold team met with John R. Whalen, President of Kerley Ink to learn about and capture the history that Schold and Kerley have made together over the years. Our founder, George Schold, worked with John’s father to create custom mixing machinery robust enough to disperse the resin bases derived from tree sap so famously used in the Kerley product.
No matter your product, Schold offers custom machinery design to achieve your desired dispersions. Whether it be highly abrasive, poor-flowing or extremely viscous, we have the solution for you.


Schold has served customers in the paint and coatings industry since 1949. These include major paint retailers, coating and finish suppliers, crafting wholesalers and even the automotive industry.


Schold equipment excells in the inclusion of dyes for the food, clothing, cosmetics industries and more.


Even the toughest of applications such as adhesives can be dispersed and worked with the power and torque that drives the design of our mixers.


Worldwide, various cosmetics and personal care products are often created using Schold equipment.


Wet out, mix, include and disperse heavy mineral materials for optimum consistency on Schold equipment.



Worldwide, major nail polish brands and other various cosmetics products are often created using Schold equipment.




The printing industry relies heavily on the beauty of its inks. Schold dispersers have been a dependable source for homogeneous, uniform ink production since 1949.


Tackle highly viscous, poor flowing products like epoxy with our heavy-duty fabricated variety of mixing equipment.


We have a wide range of high-shear food-grade mixers available in a variety of finishes for your sanitary application.



We offer sanitary construction and custom design on all of our mixing equipment to meet the standards of your pharmaceutical production.



With the Schold line of mixing equipment, you can reduce the mix time of your chemical application, produce stable dispersions, disintegrate agglomerates and even blend a variety of viscosities.


Wax is no challenge for a Schold Disperser. Power and torque will turn, knead, wet out, shear and disperse the heaviest of wax mixtures.